The Popular Collaborative Photo Project "Meibi Photography" will Release Game and Voting App for iPhone

July 2 2013
What is art? Art forms change as civilization flourish, and we from the Meibi team is going to create a new one.
Technology enables new art forms to emerge. The art of drawing, for example, began with cave painting some 40,000 years ago, flourished in the Renaissance era in the form of oil painting, and now can be done digitally with no paint at all.
Storytelling is as old as human language itself, but with the advent of writing, what started as an oral tradition evolved into epic books spanning multiple volumes.
Art forms combine naturally to create new, exciting ones. With storytelling and drawing we have picture books and comic books. Fuse storytelling with music and dancing, and we have a musical.
And then of course there's photography.

We at Meibi have a passion to create beautiful portrait artworks. We explore many interesting places in Japan and try to create beautiful photographs that tell a story, photos that evoke emotion in people's heart.
Meibi started as a collaborative art project among university students in Nagoya, Japan. In 1 year our team has now grown to 26 models from 8 universities and we have more than 12,000 followers on Facebook and other social medias.
At Meibi we always try to explore new art forms. With the growth of our supporter on the last year, we think it is now time to push the boundaries of art further. Let us introduce our newest work, Meibi Games.

Meibi Games

The new art form that we have created is a fusion of game and photography. With the ubiquity of smart phone nowadays, we think that packaging our photowork in the form of smartphone game will allow more people to discover our art. The game is homemade by our own team.
In Meibi Games there are "episodes" containing mini games that you can play. By finishing the levels you will be able to collect our artwork. We want to make not only viewing our images an enjoyable experience, but also the process of discovering them fun.
Meibi games is also social. By playing the game you will be able to collect voting points and use them to vote your favorite model! The most favorite models will be chosen for the next photoshoot, so don't miss this chance to get involved on the growth of our art!
On our first version, there is a "Prelude" episode which will introduce you to all the models, and two other episodes featuring Hiroko Shimizu and Yuuka Nakano. Enjong the tile-matching and sliding puzzle mini games in this episode. Included are 46 photos, many which has never been released before.
In future updates we will add more episodes with new games. We also plan to add shooting location and camera settings info for photographers who want to learn more about our photography.
Meibi Games will be released for iPhone on early July 2013. To be informed, please follow us at these social media sites:
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We plan to steadily expand our participant of models and photographers worldwide, so please continue supporting us!
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